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About Me

I am a technical and creative person that has always had a passion for building and designing things. For the past four years I have been working as an accountant but recently decided that I was ready follow my passion and become a full stack web developer.

In April 2016 I completed both the full stack Ruby on rails and front end web development courses through These are self paced online courses were I was paired up with a Ruby developer and Javascript Developer that I met with 45 minutes a week. My mentors helped lead me though the class material as well as direct me to other outside sources that helped my learning experience. In the Rails course I Learned the basics of the Ruby language, Worked through the Michael Hartl Rails book, and created several rails apps.

My favorite part of web development is the feeling you get when you figure out a difficult problem that you have been working on for hours. I really enjoy challenging myself and continuously learning new things. There is also a satisfaction that comes from creating something and seeing it work.


Ruby on Rails

Models, Controllers, and Views Routing, ActiveRecord validations, callbacks, associations, layouts, Bundler and Gem installation, debugging skills and the ability to read documentation

Frontend Web Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and frameworks such as bootstrap


Self-starter, team player, flexible, good listener, positive attitude, effective communicator, willingness to learn, critical thinker and innovated.


Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Suite,

My Work

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Mumbles and Things

Freelance - Ruby

Built an online jewelry store for my client from scratch using the Ruby on Rails framework (No link yet .... the website is in its final development stages). Libraries used include: Twitter bootstrap for the CSS framework, Devise for the admin login, Carrierwave for image uploading, Amazon S3 to save photos, Gmail smtp used with the Rails mailer for the contact form and order updates, Stripe gem for payments, Instagram Gem to connect the stores Instagram feed to the home page

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Merlin 8557d83b71de687c4bc2d48e93b2326e913e456b099cba0daae36a8557ee304f

Merlin Labs

Freelance - JavaScript

For this client I added some customized code to the existing website built with Squarespace. Added features included: code to attach clients gmail Calendar to the website for scheduling, added custom links throughout the page and custom HTML/CSS added to the templates code to make the home page look like the clients.

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My Recipes

Class Project - Ruby

This is a recipe app where users can add and share their favorite recipes. The cocoon gem was used to nest the directions and ingredients into the recipes. Haml was used instead of erb for the html files. Other gems included Paperclip for the image uploading, devise for the user login,and bootstrap for styling.

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Pin e4132241ffa4e2ec34c721417c1d2a02b1b0651c97c3b8b9ee14487aab0159fd


Class Project - Ruby

The goal was to create a Pinterest Clone. The libraries used are Devise for authentication, Paperclip for file uploading, Masonry Rails for transition effects, Twitter Bootstrap 4 for CSS framework, Acts as Votable for voting.

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Street a7ba6b5b72e487ae55df68ac4b38125a8ee62cc9625783ef0700284ff1f21259

Street Fighter

Class Project - JavaScript

The purpose of this project was to add, remove and modify DOM elements using JQUery as well as to use JQuery to create animations.Warrning: this site has music that plays.

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Hot 83b69f1532f084aee871dac46377993e4a08ddd9d3df4e5783b194033ff90be9

Hot and Cold

Class Project - JavaScript

A game built using functions and jQuery. How the game works: The computer randomly selects a number between 1 and 100, and the player then tries to guess the number. The player gets feedback for each guess – "hot" if their guess was close, and "cold" if their guess was far. When the user guesses the secret number, the app lets them know, and they'll have the option to start a new game.

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Dev e8ead716627de7fb86886d232c411241d7a0455cb51874116bd44337b31b3358

Dev Spot

Class Project - Ruby

A site where developers can meet other developers. Libraries used: Stripe for subscription payments, Devise for user sign up and Bootstrap for the css framework.

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Class Project - Ruby

My first app built using Ruby on Rails. Noteful is a simple note taking Rails application meant to replicate your paper experience with something that’s web based so you an access it from anywhere.The libraries used: Devise for users to log in and Bootstrap for the css framework.

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API Hack

Class Project - JavaScript

The goal of this project was to make use of a third-party API and use the results to change the DOM. For my page I used the Youtube API and set parameters that limit the user to only search through pet videos.

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Shopping List

Class Project - JavaScript

This was a simple todo list created as an introduction to using javascript